WIN A Paul Reed Smith Custom 22

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Prize Description

Introducing the 1998 PRS Custom 22 10 Top in Cherry Red, a stunning electric guitar that delivers unparalleled tone and playability. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail by the renowned PRS (Paul Reed Smith) company, this instrument represents the pinnacle of guitar craftsmanship.

This PRS Custom 22 boasts a gorgeous cherry red finish that perfectly showcases the exquisite 10 top flame maple cap. Its mahogany back and neck provide a warm and resonant tone that is both rich and balanced. The 22-fret rosewood fingerboard is inlayed with mother-of-pearl birds, adding to the guitar’s visual appeal.
Equipped with PRS Dragon II humbucking pickups, this Custom 22 10 Top delivers a wide range of tones that are both powerful and articulate.
The PRS tremolo bridge system offers exceptional tuning stability, allowing for smooth and precise bends and vibrato whilst the guitar’s locking tuners ensure that strings stay in tune even during long playing sessions.
This 1998 PRS Custom 22 10 Top in Cherry Red is a highly sought-after instrument, sure to be a prized addition to any guitar collection. Its superb craftsmanship, exceptional tone, and stunning aesthetics make it a true masterpiece that will inspire players for generations to come..

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